Corps tendres

Lucie Yerlès [Be]

In production • 2025

Corps tendres

Lucie Yerlès [Be]

Interactive performance

“Corps Tendres” is an immersive show revolving around the question of touch.

Touch as a gesture of expression, attention, tenderness, support, learning and safety.

Accompanied by four circus artists and a percussionist, spectators are invited to take part in a radically sensitive and political performance that is both kind-hearted and aesthetic, highlighting the singular beauty of bodies in movement and their interactions.


Conception Lucie Yerlès Lighting design and artistic complicity Gaspar Schelck sound creation & drum Anne-Lise Marchesani On stage Philomène Authelet, Gabriel Lorenzo Pereira de Souza Chagas, Félix Rapela (in progess) Dramaturgie Agathe Meziani Outside eyeJulien Fournet Choreography adviser Leslie Mannès workshops adviser Lorette Moreau Production & touring Cécile Imbernon – La chouette diffusion Coproduction MARS – Mons Arts de la scène, Maison de la culture de Tournai Coproduction & Residencies Le grand bain, La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil (Fr) Residencies Wolubilis, Brussels | La Roseraie, Brussels |Up – circus & Performing arts, Brussels . shortlisted circus Next 2024

The company

Lucie Yerlès [Be]

Lucie Yerlès grew up playing between the tiers of a theater and the mats of a circus school in Avignon, France. She then pursued an eclectic training path, combining a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the ULB with professional training in circus arts at the École nationale de cirque de Châtellerault and the École de cirque de Québec.

Back in Brussels, her skills and encounters led her to forge several professional partnerships in theater, circus and dance, sometimes as a performer, sometimes as an artistic collaborator. She has worked alongside Coralie Vanderlinden, Sébastien Chollet, Yvain Juillard, Michèle Anne de Mey, Agathe Meziani, Médéa Anselin and Julien Fournier.

Keen to maintain a diversity of playgrounds and working areas, and constantly reflecting on the porosity of the boundaries between arts and entertainment, she also performs her aerial fabric acts in various cabarets and festivals.

At the same time, she works as a teacher (circus school in Quebec, Brussels, with Unicef Turkey, ZipZap Circus school in Cape Town) Today, she trains circus artists in number-creation tools using collective intelligence protocols, in particular DasArt’s Feedback method, which she uses to moderate work stages.

In 2021, she will create her first show-conference between aerial silks and neuroscience: “Le Solo”, which tackles the question of spectators and what happens in their brains when they watch a circus show.

In 2022, she began two new collaborations:

– With Julien Fournet (L’amicale de production) on his project “l’Enfance Majeure”, where she combines her different skills as a dancer, circus artist and teacher.

– With the company T.R.A.N.S.I.T.S.C.A.P.E on their project “Une anatomie du mouvement”, choreographic portraits of life paths linked to physical practices.

In early 2023, she began work on her second show, “Corps Tendres”, an interactive research project based on the notion of touch, which will see the light of day in early 2025.

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