Keeping Company [Be]

Création 2025


Keeping Company [Be]

lindy hop & acrobatics

Swing dancing is always about groove. And when the music is right, the groove permeates us, tickling our souls and spilling out through our limbs, generating a dance that’s fun, expressive and delicious. And above all, it’s contagious! . .

This duo show combines Lindy Hop, acrobatics, object manipulation and humour. It can be accompanied by a swing dance workshop and a Lindy Hop evening. The company tours this show by bike and train. . .

Let’s share the groove !

. The term ‘jitter bug’ was used by black dancers in the 1920s to refer to white people trying to dance the Lindy Hop at a very fast, bouncy pace. From there, the ‘jitterbug’ developed into a very distinctive dance style: a little ridiculous and flawed, just the way the company likes it. .

Création & interprétation : Ezra Weill & Aviva Rose-Williams regard extérieur : David Melendy & Christine Daigle coaching danse : Astrid Akay & Sander Costermans dramaturgie : Benjamin Krouitenbrouwer production : Keeping Company diffusion & production : Chantal Heck – La chouette diffusion partenaires : UP Circus & Performing Arts, Centre Culturel Brabant Wallon, Centre culturel, Wolubilis, Miroir Vagabon, Cirque Toamême, MSA, Maison Culturelle d’Ath et la Ville d’Ath, Cultuurcentrum De Factorij (en cours)

The artist

Keeping Company [Be]

Keeping Company was founded by Ezra Weill in Brussels in 2024. Through circus, the company immerses itself in atmospheres of the past (cassettes, swing, etc.) with the aim of offering shows and artistic forms that stimulate connection, whether between the audience and the artists or the members of the audience. Convinced that art – when shared – can bring happiness, Boombox is the company’s second creation, alongside Jitter (2025) and Hats 2 Heads (2020). . .

Ezra Weill

Circus artist, dancer, musician based in Brussels, Belgium. He graduated from the National Circus School of Montreal in 2015 in smooth rope and hat juggling. Ezra combined hat manipulation with his smooth rope work to create a unique and original show. He went on to explore different forms of circus performance performing in small cabarets and large theatres, both in solo acts and collaborating with groups, from South America to Europe. . . .

Fuelled by his interest in music and dance as well as exploring his circus disciplines, Ezra is always looking to see how these different art forms can co-exist on stage in his work with Zirkus Fahraway (CH), his own creations Hats 2 Heads, Boombox, Jitter and other projects.

Aviva Rose-Williams

Aviva began her circus studies as a teenager in San Francisco. She went on to train professionally in Quebec, where she specialised in Chinese mast. In 2012, she co-founded the collective ‘A Sens Unique’, which was officially based in France in 2013, and she toured the collective creations ‘Léger démêlé’, ‘Mule & InTact’ (2015-2022). In 2018, she founded ‘Split Second’, a circus-dance company, in the United States with her twin sister. They created and toured 2 shows (Mind the Gap & What it’s like). Between these projects, she worked as a stand-in for the companies ‘Collectif Sous Le Manteau’, ADM, Zirkus Farhaway and others. She has also worked as an outsider for ‘À Trois Branches’, Courant d’Aire, Organiek Mechaniek and others. She can’t wait to embark on her first creation with Keeping Company. . . . . . . .


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