Our services

La chouette diffusion is…

  • Circus generally speaking, but in actual fact, it is a circus that plays with frontiers between disciplines.
  • Touring: development of professional networks, organizing consistent tours, communication about the performances, administrative monitoring…
  • Production: assembling dossiers, researching grants, establishing of a schedule for residences, communication and touring strategy.
  • A tailored administrative support: creating Belgian structures and managing it.
  • Ongoing monitoring adapted to everyone’s needs.
  • Shared ressources between young companies to have a professional and serious development.
  • Listening, availability, usability, in nutshell, a friendly atmosphere! …to help companies to get off the ground.

On demand services

La chouette diffusion supports young circus companies in their professionalization and their activities. To do this, it offers several à la carte services according to the needs and skills of the teams. The agency operates on a principle of mutualisation. Thus, by sharing the work of the 4 coordinators, the artistic teams can benefit from a global, professional service that is well immersed in the circus sector.

La chouette offers personalised work in order to implement coherent development strategies that allow new projects to be structured, to grow and to work on national and international outreach, while respecting and enhancing their singularity. The final objective is to enable companies, as they create, to become independent and to set up, for those who wish to do so, a medium and long-term development project.


Member of the association Ce sont nos Métiers and La Toulousaine de Diffusion


Rising partnerships and financing, budgets, pre-buyings, communication, consulting.


Prospection, sale, promotion, public relations, tour logistics.


Administrative, social, financial and accounting management, development strategy.

Coaching, training, consulting

A tailor-made programme for self-development.


In addition to the shows that we accompany in dissemination and production, we work with…

In administration

Gilbert & stock asbl
Gaël Santisteva: Talk-ShowGarcimore est mort
Lara Barsacq: Lost in Ballets RussesIDA don’t cry me loveFruit TreeLa Grande Nymphe

A nos fantômesPlonger

Loic Faure: HommClosPère

Habeas Corpus Cie

In coaching

Le cirque du Ravi – Forent Lestage

Hanna De Vletter

Marianna Desantis

Cie Alta Gama

Cie Breaked – Suzon Gheur