Les grands vertiges

Lapsus [Fr]

On tour • Created in 2021

Les grands vertiges

Lapsus [Fr]

Reading and performance

Bodies on stage. Real and fantasized bodies which together tell a story, that of a young girl of her century, confused, exalted, audacious. Ahead of her, all the challenges and tremors of our world. She feels ready to face it. She goes on a journey, she gets lost in the jungle, she mixes with another body than her own, she tries, she falls and gets up again.

The novelist’s narrative and the choreographic scores of the circus artists intersect and feed off each other. Each person then freely embodies this young girl through falls, wild embraces, flying objects, tormented dances, desires for elsewhere; evanescent illustrations.

Circus, dance and text come together to tell the story of our hurried and furious lives, caught up in the great dizziness of the present time.


A collective creation by and with : Reader : Pierre Ducrozet (alternating with Lucille Reignier), circus and dance: between 2 and 4 people from : Analía Vincent, Valérian Moutier, Stéphane Fillion, Lucile Guin Original text Pierre Ducrozet Original score Marek Hunhap Production and distribution Cécile Imbernon Administration Alice Savatier A production by compagnie Lapsus Co-production and residency L’Estive, scène nationale de Foix et de l’Ariège, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès (UT2J) dans le cadre du projet de coopération transfrontalière Travesía – Pyrénées de cirque, cofinancé par le FEDER

The company

Lapsus [Fr]

The Cie Lapsus was founded in 2010 by six artists who met ten years earlier at the circus school in Lyon. After the creations of Six pieds sur terre in 2011, Boutelis in 2016 and the opening tableau of the 41st Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in 2020, it has decided in 2019 to join forces with the novelist Pierre Ducrozet to create a triptych that aims to question our place in the living world, and our way of inhabiting the world, at the time of the anthropocene. This triptych consists of a novel (Le Grand vertige, Actes sud – August 2020), a circus show (Le Chant du vertige – December 2021) and a hybrid form mixing circus and literature (Les Grands vertiges – September 2021). After more than 250 performances in a dozen countries, the Lapsus company continues to develop a sensitive, aesthetic and committed circus. The successive shows inscribe in time an artistic identity which proceeds from several commitments and choices: a refined aesthetic; powerful universes and the multidisciplinarity of the creations, carried by a collegial artistic direction.


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