1st KM

ADM vzw [Be]

In production • 2025

1st KM

ADM vzw [Be]

Inhabiting space

What does opening the door mean? Inviting the other? how to reinvent a space? Re-enchanting it through circus? Can one carry one’s house within oneself? Can the group be enough to create a safe haven?
Through the exploration of the surrounding space (rural, urban), its population and our mobility, we wish to create an immersive experience that questions this notion of group and all that follows from it.
Through the circus, we want to create, for the duration of a show, a feeling of belonging. ‘Nuestra casa, es su casa’.


On stage Jesse Huygh, Rocio Garrote, Sanahé Deruelle or Maria Constanza Cuneo Oliveras, Juan Manuel Cisnero, Lucas Paties External view Alba Sarraute Technique To be confirmed Production Cécile Imbernon, La chouette diffusion Production management Jesse Huygh et Rocio Garrote A production ADM vzw Financial support Departement cultuur, jeugd & media- vlaamse overheidResidencies & coproduction Circuswerplaats – Dommelhof, Pelt (Be) | Circuswerplaats – Miramiro, Gent (Be) | C-TAKT, Pelt (Be) | Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon, Court saint Etienne (Be) ResidenciesEll circo d’ell fuego, Anvers (Be) | UP – Circus & Performing Arts, Bruxelles (Be) | CIRKL, Leuven (Be) Coproduction Kunstenlab / MAD festival, Anvers

The company

ADM vzw [Be]

ADM vzw is an association that primarily facilitates and supports the artistic and/or educational creations of Jesse Huygh and Rocio Garrote. It engages with today’s society on socially-minded, unifying projects that nurture the empathy and sensitivity of the public. The company’s aspiration is not only to deliver enriching work on Belgian soil, but also to cross borders to reach a diverse and multicultural audience through its projects.

It particularly stands for 2 key areas:

  • Bringing live performance and transmitting it to audiences for whom access to culture is difficult.
  • Carrying out projects supporting universal discourses, anchored in the human being but often forgotten by the pressure of daily life.

In 2021, Jesse Huygh and Rocio Garrote co-created the show A 2 mètres. This show exposes the daily struggle of a diseased person and the value of the people around him, experiences that Jesse has had recently. It tours in street festivals all over Europe and the team sets up numerous mediation projects in hospitals, retirement homes and other care centres. In 2022, the show won the Maeterlinck Prix de la critique in French-speaking Belgium in the best circus show category, and in 2023 the Ultima prize for best circus show in Flanders.

Today, Jesse has a new future thanks to new treatments, and the ADM-vzw company wants to create a collective show, bringing together a team of 5 artists on stage. These artists come from recognized and renowned professional backgrounds, which have enabled them to acquire extensive international experience and develop a wide range of artistic tools, from acrobatics, dance, theater and clowning to street theater.


Upcoming dates

16 September 2024 - 21 September 2024
28 October 2024 - 8 November 2024
15 February 2025 - 23 February 2025
9 April 2025 - 10 April 2025

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