Piergiorgio Milano [Be/It]

IN CREATION – 2024 (outdoor) / 2025 (indoor)


Piergiorgio Milano [Be/It]

circus / dance / sailing

“The sea is neither male nor female, neither masculine nor feminine. The sea is a soul that unfolds without borders. From the waves are born giants, from the fish mermaids, from the uncertain transparencies monsters and visions”.

Accompanied by a musician and actor, two acrobats/dancers move around on a self-supporting structure, evoking the physicality and extreme conditions of sailing a boat. Their bodies tell the story of a shipwreck in reverse. From the image of a boat at the bottom of the ocean to the moment of departure, with all the joys and excitement of travelling. A performance that fuses dance and circus, visual and sonic landscapes. . . .


idea, choreography & direction Piergiorgio Milano interpretation Viviane Miehe, Piergiorgio Milano original music, voice & stage parformance Steeve Eton costumes Carine Grimopont lights Alberto Ciafardoni construction & supervision structure Florian Wenger, Luis Schwartz scenography Vienna Brignolo, Piergiorgio Milano with help of Florent Hamon thanks to Mad Beltrami, Claudio Stellato production & bookings Associazione Gelsomina, La chouette diffusion coproductions & residencies Flic scuola di circo, Latitude 50, CCN/Théâtre de Namur, UP Circus & Performing Arts, Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Dinamico Festival, scenica Festival collaboration Fondazione Luzzati Teatro della Tosse, Electropark soutiens Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo dans le cadre de l’appel ART~WAVES, Centre Culturel d’Engis, WBI (Wallonie-Bruxelles-International), WBTD


The company

Piergiorgio Milano [Be/It]

Choreographer, dancer and acrobat

“My choreographic language is the result of years of research into the encounter between dance, theatre and circus arts. My performances are characterised by a strong theatrical aestheticism on which dance can rely and develop in full freedom of poetry and virtuosity. I am situated on the border between different arts, categories or disciplines; it is in the tendency to go beyond this border that I find the strength that will feed my creative processes. I dedicate myself entirely to this so that my work will be the fruit of this radical contamination between dance, circus and theatre.”


Piergiorgio Milano has worked and collaborated with many international artists including: James Thiérrée, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Rodrigo Pardo, David Zambrano, Roberto Olivan, Raffaella Giordano and Boris Gibé, for whom he plays the second cast of his show L’Absolu. He created and directed the choreography for the film “Il Flauto Magico”, produced by the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio and Paco Cinematografica Roma.

He teaches physical theatre and contemporary dance in various European schools and companies, including: SEAD University of Contemporary Dance, Salzburg; Danscentrumjette, Brussels; Athens Video Dance Festival; Tripspace, London; Université du sport de Chambéry; Opus Ballet – Florence; École de cirque de Lomme, Lille; Le Lido, Toulouse Circus School; Flic, Turin Circus School.

Upcoming dates

3 June 2024 - 7 June 2024
17 June 2024 - 22 June 2024
23 June 2024
24 June 2024 - 28 June 2024
28 June 2024
6 July 2024
16:45 & 20:30
19 July 2024
20 July 2024
6 September 2024
7 September 2024
8 September 2024
16 August 2025 - 17 August 2025

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