Intimate and eccentric nature circus.

In production

Mini circus tent – All ages

A tiny tent opens its doors. Plants of all sorts stand on scrap metal. ​Greenery takes over, it tumbles down from the tent’s dome, gently dripping from the masts to the floor then climbing the seats. Spectators are holding orchids in their hands. Trees grow behind the stage. Characters are eaten up by nature itself. Welcome inside PakiPaya’s off the wall-vintage universe. They are 2,4, even 6. Adrià and Noemi put on stage their own dreams and fears, they share their oddness and their passion. They will show you their most fragile interior and the craziest. Ex-rollerskater Noemi unveils herself as an Opera diva. By putting on her kitchen gloves, she strikes up one last song. Adrià, as a budding gardener puts on his tap shoes and grabs the drums. A surreal symphony rumbles, an ode to life trembles. The drumsticks give the tempo and announce the start of an absurd, funny and authentic performance.

By and with: Adrià Mascarell and Noemí Díaz – Stage direction: Karl Stets – Light design : Sarah Chust – Construction circus tent: Uli Ulrich ● Companionship Ax Animation within the Mar a mar program ● Coproduction: Festival Mirabilia, Fossano (It) ● Residencies : CIRCa, Pôle National des Arts du cirque (Fr 32)  | Sea Change Art, Great Yarmouth (Uk)  en collaboration avec l’Institut Ramon Llul (Cat ) | CREAC – La cité Cirque de Bègles (Fr33) | Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof, Neerpelt (Be) | La Grainerie, Centre des Arts du cirque et de l’itinérance, Balma (Fr31) | Nil Admirari, Saint Ouen L’ aumône (Fr) | Centre des Arts de la Rue, Ath (Be) | Cronopis, Mataro (Cat), L’Ivraie, Lesmel Kreiz, (Fr29)

Contact : Cécile Imbernon

Technical rider

Duration: 60 minutes
Space: 9.5m diameter circus tent
Minimum hight: 6 m
Audience: 100



Noemi Diaz (es) and Adrià Mascarell (cat) founded the company PakiPaya in 2008 in Brussels. They initially create 2 short 20-minute performances « Shake your ass » and « Shake your body » and then a long, 50-minute show for the street. “Shake shake shake” has been touring the world since 2010 (Belgium, France, Holland, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, South Korea…) including the festivals of MiramirO (Be), Chalon in the street, Vivacité (Fr), Fira de Tàrrega (Es), Trapezi (Fr), Umore Azoka (Es) Mirabilia (It), …
The company received the CLAP AWARD – Mueca Festival, Tenerife, Spain in May 2012; the MIRABILIA PRIZE-Mirabilia Festival, Fossano, Italy, in June 2012; the Zirkolika Prize, Barcelona, Spain- Special Audience Award in December 2012; the Jury Prize of the MiramirO Festival in 2013 and the Kremnica Prize, Slovakia in 2016.
In 2015, the team moved near Barcelona and transferred the company to Catalonia for the production of its new creation Toca-toc.

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Upcoming events

Toca-toc – PakiPaya

Monday 19/11/2018 - Friday 30/11/2018

Résidence Ax Animation , Ax-les-thermes (Fr09)

Toca-toc – PakiPaya

Tuesday 08/01/2019 - Thursday 17/01/2019

Résidence CIRCa, Pôle National des Arts du cirque (Fr 32)

Toca-toc – PakiPaya

Monday 25/03/2019 - Wednesday 17/04/2019

Résidence The Drill House, Great Yarmouth (Uk) en partenariat avec l'Institut Ramon Llul

Toca-toc – PakiPaya

Friday 19/04/2019 - Tuesday 30/04/2019

Résidence Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof (Be)

Toca-toc – PakiPaya

Saturday 22/06/2019

Première - Ax Animation - Ax les thermes (09)


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