A joyful ball of energy in search of freedom.

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Indoors – 6+

Begin with an empty frame, create barriers of freedom. A curious character travels this path. Voluntarily chained, he pulls the umbilical cord that keeps him attached to his home. His house is a cage as light as an anvil. Inside he climbs, juggles, insists, is filled with overflowing energy. The body is forged and juggling balls are tamed, from constraint comes desire.


A Production of Cie Jongloic, created with the help of the Ministère de la Communauté Française ● Co-production : MA scène nationale, Pays de Montbéliard ● With the help of: Espace Catastrophe, Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque – Le Théâtre des Doms – La Vénerie, Centre Culturel de Watermael-Boitsfort – Centre Culturel d’Engis – Latitude 50°, Pôle des Arts du Cirque et de la Rue – La Roseraie – Compagnie Les Argonautes – ASBL Devenirs ● Preselected by Circus Next, European scheme coordinated by Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe and supported by the European Commission

Contact : Marion Lesort

Technical rider

Stage : 8x8m
Minimum height : 6m
Set up : 6h
Take down : 3h
Audience : 400


Loïc Faure / Jongloïc

Passionate about Circus, Sports, Games, Comic Strips, Meeting others and Travels .
Juggler , Acrobat with a clown’s demeanour, Man of the Circus. A shy, crazy, funny and quirky character. Engaged … with pleasure : A ” Stunt ball !”
I have worked as an actor and acrobat with Cie Feria Musica since January 2009 (Infundibulum – Sinué October 2009 – March 2012). My sporting career (Rugby, Athletics, Climbing …) and my artistic training (ESAC Arts Training in Gestural Theatre and Movement / Jo-Bithume , Circus School in Bordeaux…) have allowed me to develop a unique technique. It combines the fluidity of movement and theatricality of the body, and thereby allows me to surprise the audience in a fun and joyful shared madness.

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