The Solo

Lucie Yerlès & Gaspar Schelck [Be]


Circus conference

In creation – Release automn 2021

Indoors – French version (21) / English version (2022) –  All ages from 12

Le Solo presents itself as a hybrid form, navigating between a circus performance and a corporal conference. Oscillating between popular science and spectacle, Le Solo explores one’s relation to emotions during a circus performance. Circus is a vector of strong and shared emotions. Why is that so?

Why is it that the public enjoys watching an artist taking so many risks? What is it that creates empathy between the audience and the circus performer? Based on social psychology and neuroscientific theories and on her aerial silk expertise, Lucie Yerlès seeks to deconstruct the particular relationship that is built between the audience and the artist during the show.

Distribution Conception Lucie Yerlès and Gaspar Schelck, Interpretation: Lucie Yerlès, Light design: Gaspar Schelck, Sound design: Kélian Christophe, Costume design: Margaux Vandervelden, Dramaturgical look: Lorette Moreau, Choreographic look: Leslie Mannès, Sound engineer: Léopold De Nève, Couteau Switzerland: Lauryn Turquin, Collaborator • benevolent ices • es: Lisa Choucroun, Agathe Meziani, Oren Boneh, Production and distribution manager: Cécile Imbernon – La chouette diffusion ● With the financial support of :  Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles – service Cirque, rue, arts forains,  Aide à la création et bourse Un futur pour la culture | Wallonie Bruxelles International | WBT/D  ●Coproduction : Maison de la culture de Tournai (Be) | MARS – Mons Arts de la scène (Be) ● Residencies : Maison de la création de Laeken – Bruxelles (Be), La Roseraie – Bruxelles (Be), Latitude 50 – Marchin (Be), Ecole de Cirque de Châtellerault (Fr, Le Palace -Maison culturelle d’Ath (Be), Centre Culturel du Brabant Wallon – Court Saint Etienne (Be), le Monty – Genappe (Be), Archipel 19 – Bruxelles (Be), Up Circus & Performing Arts- Bruxelles (Be) and Wolubilis – Bruxelles (Be) « au cube » project, Centre culturel d’Uccle, le LookIN’OUT – Bruxelles (Be), Aires Libres

Contact : Cécile Imbernon

Technical rider

Duration : 1h
Width : 8m

Depth: 6m

Hight: 5,5m (min)
Set up: 8h
Take down : 3h
audience : 200-500


The company

Lucie Yerlès [Be]

Lucie Yerlès has followed an eclectic training path, combining a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the ULB with professional training in circus arts at the National Circus School of Châtellerault and at the École de cirque de Québec. Several professional partnerships have resulted from this training: as assistant director first with the collective Animals on their first creation “Le Bousier” (Théâtre Varia/Théâtre de l’Ancre) and then with Yvain Juillard on his second creation “Christophe quelque chose” (Théâtre de Namur).

She also continues to work as a performer: at the Opéra Royal de Wallonie she dances for the choreographer Michèle Anne de Mey in the opera ” Aida “, she dances in Agathe Meziani’s ” Met liefde ” project, then in Médéa Anselin’s show ” Corps ” whose short form has already played in the OUTSAS festival at the INSAS and XS at the Théâtre National.

As a circus artist, she works notably with the Collectif du Lion on their creation ” Nœuds ” directed by Baptiste Isaia alongside two actors (Philippe Grand-Henry and Lara Persain).

From time to time, she continues to participate in private events with her aerial fabric act and to coach artists and students in aerial fabric and acrobatics, notably within the non-profit organization Initiation Cirque in Brussels, during a collaboration with Unicef on the border between Turkey and Syria, and at the ZipZap Circus School in South Africa.

In 2020 she also joins the multidisciplinary artists’ collective Khaos.

In parallel to these projects she continues to follow equally diversified training courses, composed of workshops in dance (Ayelen Parolin, Lisa da Boit, Nobody’s dance KFDA, Ultima Vez), workshops in dramaturgy at La Bellone (Camille Louis, Karel Vanhaesebrouck), of her participation as Young Art Reporter at the KFDA, of her experiences as an actress in the framework of the University Theatre of the ULB with Jérémie Siska, of diffusion/production workshops and other experiences within the circus, multidisciplinary, theatrical, etc?

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