Shake Shake Shake

PakiPaya [Cat]

Shake Shake Shake

Disco & aerial circus

On tour

Outdoors – All ages

Looking for the ideal partner, the handsome Tony is leading a poor volunteer in his craziest stories. Aerial cradle or Chinese pole, nothing is impossible in Tony’s arms! An astonishing theatrical and aerial performance Mixing humour, extravagance and sensation. To the beat of disco.

Made and performed by: Adrià Mascarell et Noemí Díaz – Sound technicians: Ferriol Barbena, Miguel Angel Gutierrez – Artistic councelor: Henry Debay – Artistic director: Jean Pierre Pagliari – Technical director: Yuri Sokolov – Scenography: Serge Calvier – Webmaster: Iratxe Alvarez – Graphism: Melinda Sarasar, Iratxe Alvarez – Pictures: Ivan Mascarell, Bastien Ranschaert (Spictacle), Yves Kerstius, Antoinette, Marta GC – Video: Toni Marin ● With the support of: Circ que O! Chemins Emergents, CONCA (Gouvernement de Catalunya), La Roseraie (Brussels), CAR (Ath, Belgium), La Central del Circ (Barcelona), Ateneo Popular de Nou Barris (Barcelona), La Vela (Vilanova, Catalunya), WBI (Wallonie Bruxelles International)

Prix KREMNICA 2016 – Festival Kremnica gags (Kremnica, Slovenie 2016)
Jury prize MiramirO 2013 – Festival MiramirO (Gent, Belgique – Juillet 2013)
Clap prize – Festival Mueca (Tenerife, Ile canaries, Espagne – Juin 2012)
Mirabilia 2012 prize – Festival Mirabilia (Fossano, Italie – Juin 2012)
Zirkolica prize (Barcelone, Espagne – 2012)

Contact : Cécile Imbernon

Technical rider

Duration: 50 min
Stage: 10 X 14 m.
Minimum height: 7 m
Audience: 400-800


PakiPaya [Cat]

Noemi Diaz (es) and Adrià Mascarell (cat) founded the company PakiPaya in 2008 in Brussels. They initially create 2 short 20-minute performances « Shake your ass » and « Shake your body » and then a long, 50-minute show for the street. “Shake shake shake” has been touring the world since 2010 (Belgium, France, Holland, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, South Korea…) including the festivals of MiramirO (Be), Chalon in the street, Vivacité (Fr), Fira de Tàrrega (Es), Trapezi (Fr), Umore Azoka (Es) Mirabilia (It), …

The company received the CLAP AWARD – Mueca Festival, Tenerife, Spain in May 2012; the MIRABILIA PRIZE-Mirabilia Festival, Fossano, Italy, in June 2012; the Zirkolika Prize, Barcelona, ​​Spain- Special Audience Award in December 2012; the Jury Prize of the MiramirO Festival in 2013 and the Kremnica Prize, Slovakia in 2016.

In 2015, the team moved near Barcelona and transferred the company to Catalonia for the production of its new creation Toca-toc

By the same company, see also: Toca-toc

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Sunday 20/09/2020

Plein publiq – Vilvoorde (Be)

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