Circoncentrique [Ch]


Humor, poetry, emotion, technique, originality, virtuosity.

On tour

Indoors – All ages from 5

As night follows day and inhaling follows exhaling, this two man show spins around the stage in mesmerizing rotations. Through the ingenious use of lamp objects, the artists create an intimate and mysterious universe full of surprises, the expression of the body and technical mastery. «Respire» is a circular adventure that will take you into an acrobatic and poetic whirlwind, to the rhythm of the breath.

By: Alessandro Maida et Maxime Pythoud
Music composer : Lea Petra
Pianist : Lea Petra or Mariano Ferrandez
Administrative manager : Marilia Vono
Tour manager: Cécile Imbernon – La chouette diffusion

Contact : Cécile Imbernon

Technical rider

Stage : 10x10m
Minimum height : 5m
Set up: 1h
Take down : 30 min
Audience: 300 – 600

Credits: Dominique Schreckling


Circoncentrique [Ch]

Circoncentrique is a contemporary circus company. We like to think of our bodies as our playground.
Circus techniques, burlesque, dance, games, … all this, plus our energy, brings us into unlikely universes, and researches that don’t turn around.
Most important to us are the expressions of body and technical skills, and the
perpetual surprise and rhythm…, combined with a lot of humor.

Alessandro Maida was trained at Scuola di Circo Flic, in Torino then in Ecole Supérieure des arts du cirque de Bruxelles (ESAC). He received the Public prize at the festival “Pistes de Lancement” 2010, in Brussels. He is one of the founders of Magda Clan Cie and its shows “Era” touring since 2012.

Maxime Pythoud followed the formation of the elastic Citric in Nyon, between 1994 and 2006, before leaving for the ESAC. In 2010, he was a bronze medalist at the “Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain” in Paris. He participates in the creation of the Cirque Plume, “Tempus fugit”

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Thursday 25/02/2021

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