Le chant du vertige

Lapsus [Fr]

Le chant du vertige

Reinventing a poetic and sensitive relationship with life

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Vertigo is when certainties escape.
Vertigo is when reference points become distorted.
And vertigo is today.

The current climate disturbances suggest that an unprecedented shift could take place on a global scale. The hypothesis of a collapse is now being considered, with dizzying prospects.

But if the crisis seems inescapable, it also opens up a tremendous space for the imagination. When something gives way under our feet, all reference points suddenly disappear. The real suddenly slips through our fingers.

The circus seems to us to be able to explore these places where gravity is challenged, where the relationship to the ground is reinvented, where the reference points of time and space are distorted, where a new relationship with the other is imagined. Today we feel the need to reinvent a poetic and sensitive relationship with life.

Show in partnership with the novel ” Le grand vertige ” by Pierre Ducrozet – Actes Sud 2020

Creative team : Julien Amiot, carrier, kite flyer – Jonathan Gagneux, aerialist – Stéphane Fillion, juggler – Lucile Guin, dancer – Florent Lestage, juggler – Valérian Moutier, base – Analía Vincent, flyer – Pierre Tallaron, director – Matthieu Sampic, light designer, stage manager – Marek Hunhap, musical composer, graphic designer, Stage manager : Marie Jeanne Assayag Lion, Costumes Clarisse Baudinière, With the participation of Pierre Ducrozet. Around the creation: Cécile Imbernon (La chouette diffusion), production, diffusion – Alice Savatier, administration – Julien Micollet, meeting around the systema – Pascal Le Catering Rangé, cooking ● A production company Lapsus ● Coproduction: Collectif En Jeux | Le Polaris, Corbas (69) | Les Quinconces, Vals les bains (07) ● Coproduction & residency : Project beneficiary of the companionship device of the cross-border cooperation project Travesía – Pyrenees of circus, co-financed by the ERDF. With the support of Ax Animation. | CIRCa, Pôle National Cirque Auch, Occitanie (32) | La Verrerie, Pôle National Cirque Alès Occitanie (30) | L’Estive, scène nationale d’Ariège, Foix (09) | Théâtre Molière, Sète, scène nationale archipel de Thau (34) ● With the financial support of the Direction générale de la création artistique, the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles Occitanie, and the Région Occitanie ● Hosted in residence:  La Cascade, Pôle National Cirque Bourg St Andéol Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (07) | La Grainerie, Balma – Toulouse (31) | Château de Monthelon, Montréal (89) | CADHAME Halles Verrières, Meisenthal (57) | LE PÔLE – La Saison cirque Méditerranée Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national, Le Revest les eaux (83) | L’Ilyade, Seyssinet-Pariset (38) | Théâtre des pénitents, Béziers (34)

This show receives the support of Occitanie en scène as part of its accompaniment to the Collectif En Jeux.

*The collective En Jeux gathers the following members: L’Estive, Théâtre en Garrigue, Le Théâtre dans les Vignes, Théâtre de la Maison du Peuple, Le Périscope, Les ATP d’Uzès , La Grainerie, Théâtre du Grand Rond, Théâtre Jules Julien, Théâtre Sorano, Théâtre de la Cité Toulouse, Le Neuf Neuf festival, L’Escale, Théâtre Jean Vilar, Bouillon cube, Chai du Terral, Le Kiasma , La Bulle Bleue, Théâtre Albarède, Théâtre Molière-Sète , Théâtre Jacques Cœur, La Cigalière, Le Théâtre des 13 Vents, Scénograph , L’Astrolabe, Scènes croisées de Lozère, Service Culturel de la Ville d’Alénya (66)

Contact : Cécile Imbernon

Technical rider

Duration : 1h
Stage : minimum 10x10m
Minimum height : 6m50
Set up : D-1
Take down : 2h


La compagnie

Lapsus [Fr]

The Cie Lapsus was founded in 2010 by six artists who met ten years earlier at the circus school in Lyon. After the creations of Six pieds sur terre in 2011, Boutelis in 2016 and the opening tableau of the 41st Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in 2020, it has decided in 2019 to join forces with the novelist Pierre Ducrozet to create a triptych that aims to question our place in the living world, and our way of inhabiting the world, at the time of the anthropocene. This triptych consists of a novel (Le Grand vertige, Actes sud – August 2020), a circus show (Le Chant du vertige – December 2021) and a hybrid form mixing circus and literature (Les Grands vertiges – September 2021). After more than 250 performances in a dozen countries, the Lapsus company continues to develop a sensitive, aesthetic and committed circus. The successive shows inscribe in time an artistic identity which proceeds from several commitments and choices: a refined aesthetic; powerful universes and the multidisciplinarity of the creations, carried by a collegial artistic direction.

By the same company: Boutelis, Six pieds sur terre, Les grands vertiges

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