Hands Some Feet

Hands Some Feet [Be-Fi-Au]

Hands Some Feet

Wire / juggling

On tour

Indoors/outdoors – All ages from 4

It’s known that we’d do anything for love. The duo Hands Some Feet seem to take this expression to heart with immense gentleness: Jeromy Zwick’s juggling blends mischievously and delicately with the tightwire walking of Liisa Näykki, creating a courtship ritual that will make you melt faster than ice on a sunny day. This tango blends rhythms and colours, blushes of a stolen kiss, mixing dashes of singing with live music. Warm as a summer breeze.


Performed by: Liisa Näykki and Jeromy Zwick – Direction : Meri-Maija Näykki – Music: Patrik Zeller – Lighting design: Riku Elo ● Supported by: Alfred Kordelin Foundation, TelepART ● Residencies: Espace Catastrophe, Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque – Bruxelles | Circus WA – Perth | Station Circus – Bâle | Sorin Sirkus – Tampere | Zirkus Quartier – Zurich | Agora Art Brussels – Bruxelles | Näyttämö – Joensuu

Contact : Chantal Heck

Technical rider

Duration : 50 mn
Stage : 7×5 m
Minimum height : 5m
Set up: 2h (outdoor) / 4h (indoor)
Take down : 1 h
Audience : 150-400


Hands Some Feet [Be – Fi]

Liisa Näykki (FI)
From the land of forests, lakes and Nokia phones, Liisa graduated from École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque “ESAC” in spring 2016 and has since collaborated with various companies such as Cirque Éloize, Cirkus Zorba and Cirque Rouages, Cirque Galapiat and Cie des Chaussons Rouges. She also performs at several prestigious events such as the Paris 2017 fashion week. Liisa is also a bit of a fashion freak and loves geometric jewellery, cute cats and Sunday brunches.

Jeromy Zwick (AUS / CH)
Born and raised in Australia by his Swiss parents, Jeromy grew up with the best of both cultures. Barbecue on Saturday and fondue on Sunday. After graduating from ESAC in the spring of 2017, Jeromy joined the circus company 15feet6. He multiplies juggling performances and performs in many shows and festivals. Jeromy is crazy about bananas and can be mistaken for a monkey.

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HANDS SOME FEET – Hands Some Feet

Sunday 19/09/2021

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HANDS SOME FEET – Hands Some Feet

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HANDS SOME FEET – Hands Some Feet

Friday 06/05/2022

HANDS SOME FEET – Hands Some Feet

Tuesday 17/05/2022

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HANDS SOME FEET – Hands Some Feet

Wednesday 18/05/2022


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