(I did not die and yet no life remained)

L'habeas corpus cie [Be]

BURNING (I did not die and yet no life remained)

Documentary circus

on tour

indoor show – in English, French or Dutch – all ages from 12 years

Burning is both documentary circus and choreographic poetry. A desire to put the individual back at the centre and to use a language close to collage. A remarkable work of body, voice and spirit that testifies to the insidious way in which suffering at work takes hold.

Trapped in the space of the representation, a character evolves, constrained by his envi-ronment. He tries to remain seated or standing, to line up cardboard boxes, in contact with a space where everything is tilting, gradually erasing any possible horizon.

At the same time, Laurence Vielle’s voice-over spells out the words of a slow inner combustion: breathlessness, restless rhythms, fragments of testimonies.

Here the body evolves in resonance with the words, the acrobatic act blends with the video language. Graphs… percentages… testimonies… a battered body… depict a world of labour, profit, capital and sick over-consumption, where the human being has become a commodity, where meaning is lost.

Laurence Vielle got the “Prix de la Critique 2018” (BE) for the best theatre text. 


Cast : A show by and with Julien Fournier // Text in voice-over written by Laurence Vielle and performed by Caroline Daish // Video design : Yannick Jacquet // Sound design : Raphaël Dodemont // Lighting design : Arié Van Egmond // model and stage design: Julien Fournier // Stage design construction: Atelier Rododb // Light and video control: Emma Laroche, Gaspar Schelck // Sound engineer: Raphaël Dodemont, Antoine Delagoutte, Brice Agnès, Fred Miclet // Photos: Jeremy Javierre – www. jerj.be // Photo and Trailer: Hubert Amiel ● Bookings: Chantal Heck – La chouette diffusion ● Production: L’Habeas Corpus Compagnie ● With support of the Ministry of Culture of the Federation Wallonia Brussels (General Directorate of Performing Arts, Circus Arts Service) // Espace Périphérique (Mairie de Paris – Parc de la Villette) (FR), FERIA MUSICA company (BE), Centre culturel du Brabant wallon (BE), La Roseraie (BE), Théâtre des Doms (FR), Service public fran-cophone bruxellois (BE) and Promotion de Bruxelles à la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE) ● In residency at: La Roseraie (BE), Espace Catastrophe – international centre for the creation of Circus Arts (BE), Centre culturel du Brabant wallon (BE), Latitude 50 – Pôle des Arts du Cirque et de la Rue (BE), La Vénerie – Watermael-Boitsfort Cultural Centre (BE), Columban – Espace de Cultures (BE), Espace Périphérique (Mairie de Paris – Parc de la Villette) (FR) ● Premiered at the UP! festival – International Circus Biennial (Brussels/2018)

Contact : Chantal Heck

Technical rider

Duration : 55 minutes
Width: 8m
From wall to wall: 10m

Depth: 9m

Height: 5m (min)
Set up: D-1
Take down : 3h
Audience : 200-500


The company

L’habeas corpus compagnie [Be]

Habeas Corpus Compagnie, created in July 2012 by Julien FOURNIER, takes its name from the English order of ‘habeas corpus’ which, in the Middle Ages, guaranteed the citizen not to be imprisoned without trial. Habeas corpus, from Latin ‘that you have body’ (in front of a judge), is nowadays the fundamental right to dispose of one’s body (meaning against any abusive arrest). This statement is the founding act of our artistic approach and gives the body a central position as a creative vehicle of expression, a space of freedom, claim, strangeness and plasticity.

REVERSO (2014) is the first act of this approach, it explores the chameleon body, like a material that can be transformed at will. Free not to freeze his pace in order to constantly evolve his relationship with others, with objects, vertically and horizontally. REVERSO received the MQVE AWARD quality label 2015 and performed in Denmark as part of the Waves festival.

BEFORE MANKIND THERE ARE ONLY SURFACES (2016) is the company’s second opus. In the form of a short dramaturgical essay, it is a resonance of a physical journey with two chairs, miniature landscapes and a voice-over text. The text, a reconstruction and distortion of fragments of lectures (taken from the internet) dealing with architecture, is as much a “pretext subject” as it is an attempt to give meaning in the light and dark.

BURNING (I did not die and yet no life remained) (2018) continues this approach and this time anchors it in the real world through a burning theme of current events. To the dramaturgical research of Avant l’Homme and the plastic, poetic and acrobatic research of REVERSO is added a documentary dimension, in search of a circus that can be both performing (differently) and political.

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