Lazuz [Fr-Se-Il]


Moving encounter.

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Baktana is a glimpse into the encounter of two guys. One of them is a Juggler. Obsessed with his world of flying objects he is communicating by manipulating them. The other, an Acrobat, expresses himself through movement. Their encounter is far from being perfect… Tossed between misunderstandings and questions, their curiosity leads them to a non-verbal meeting opening a path for an extraordinary synergy.

By and with : Ron Beeri et Itamar Glucksmann – Sound designer : Matthieu Pernaud ● Financial supports : Swedish art grant comitee | SPEDIDAM | Nordic-baltic mobility programme (kalturkontakt Nord) ● Residencies : Subtopia, Stockholm | La Grainerie, Balma – Toulouse métropole | Upplands Väsby Kommun, Stockholm | Espace Catastrophe, Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque, Bruxelles | La Maison des Jonglages, La Courneuve | La Fabrique / Université Jean Jaurès, Toulouse | L’association CHAP, Viol le fort | Vertigo, Torino | La digue, Compagnie 111, Toulouse | Dansehallenrne, Copenhague

Contact : Cécile Imbernon

Technical rider

Duration: 25 minutes
Minimum stage : 7x7m
Minimum height : 5m
Set up : 30 min
Take down : 10min


Lazuz [Fr-Se-Il]

LAZUZ is a French / Swedish contemporary circus company created by Ron Beeri & Itamar Glucksmann.
Trough their personal approach Itamar and Ron try to push the contemporary circus art form to new technical and artistic achievements Both originally from Israel, they are based and have been professionally educated in
France and Sweden (Le LIDO / DOCH). In their work they are melting influences both from the Nordic and the French approach to the art form.
Supported by Subtopia the Company was founded in 2013 in Stockholm when Itamar and Ron conducted an artistic research about movement between a juggler and an acrobat.
Based on the material they developed in the research they created a short act, which they have performed in different venues. Inspired by the short act they decided to work on the full-length piece LAZUZ. In November 2015 the project was pre selected for CIRCUS NEXT. Since then LAZUZ has been supported by La PACT (Le Lido and La grainerie) in Toulouse and Espace Catastrophe in Brussels.

By the same company, see also: Lazuz

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