Au bout des doigts

Piergiorgio Milano [BE/IT]


Climbing – slackline – vertical dance – live music
completely powered by solar energy

On tour

site specific performance for climbing site or walls – in the mountains or in the city

Au Bout des Doigts is a dance performance that challenges verticality, through the elegance and unpredictability of sport climbing.

Each cliff in the mountains, wall or building in the city has its own aesthetics and character which forces the performers to discover its secret passages and hidden movements.

A highly spectacular and poetic performance that could be resized and adapted to almost any vertical surface; shifting from a big impressive event to a smaller and more intimate performance.

“The moment you start climbing, you realize that the rock has been shaped by wind, water and time for millions of years. And suddenly, as the hand closes on a small ledge, you discover that you are no longer just dancing on the wall, but that with every finger grip, or foot support, the whole history of the earth is dancing around you.” Johnny Dawes

Cast : conception & dramaturgy: Piergiorgio Milano, Teodora Grano / performers: Gianmattia Baldan, Daniele Baltieri, Maddalena Beltrami, Steve Durville, Francesco Lanciotti, Elisa Melis, Piergiorgio Milano, Gaia Panero  / live music: Pino Basile, Simon Thierree / rigging: Louis Schwartz / production: Marta Gallo, Associazione Gelsomina en collaboration avec la Caduta● Co-producers : Torinodanza festival / Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale, Malraux scène nationale Chambéry Savoie, within the project Corpo Links Cluster supported by PC INTERREG V A – Italia-Francia (ALCOTRA 2014-2020) ● Résidencies : Flic – Residenza Surreale ● With the support of : Compagnia di San Paolo, within the project: “ORA! Produzioni di Cultura Contemporanea”

Contact : Chantal Heck

Technical rider

Each show is created according to the location
These figures are indicative, contact us for more details.

Duration: 25-55 minutes
Setup: 4-7 days
Take down: 4 hours
Audience: max 2000



Piergiorgio Milano  [Be – It]
Choreographer, dancer, acrobat

«My choreographic language is the result of years of research on connecting dance, theater and circus arts. My shows are characterized by strong theatrical aesthetics, which the dance can lean on and develop in full freedom of poetry and virtuosity. I place myself on the line between different arts, categories and disciplines. It’s in trying to go beyond that line that I find the strength that feeds my creative processes. »


Piergiorgio Milano has worked and collaborated with many international artists like: James Thiérrée, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Rodrigo Pardo, David Zambrano, Roberto Olivan, Raffaella Giordano. He has created and directed the choreographies of the film “ Il Flauto Magico”, produced by Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio and Paco Cinematografica Roma. He teaches physical theater and contemporary dance in various European schools and companies such as: SEAD University of contemporary dance in Salzburg, Danscentrumjette in Brussels, Athens Vidéo Dance Festival, Tripspace in London, University of sports in Chambery, Opus Ballet Firenze, Lille circus school of Lomme, Le Lido – Circus school in Toulouse, Flic Circus school in Torino.

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