L’habeas corpus cie [Be]

In production • 2025


L’habeas corpus cie [Be]

Experimental circus

Chwallow is a performance for three to four circus artists.

In Chwallow, the audience, like an entomologist, is invited to discover a performative and strange microcosm in a pop, fluorescent and inflatable setting.

The performers/characters, in contact with a changing environment, make their way between the familiar, the grotesque, the dreamlike and the fanciful.

Minimalist circus is combined with an abstract narrative that creates a universe that is as well visual, audible, theatrical, sportive and even museum-like.


Artists Julien Fournier + in progress Direction Julien Fournier Sound design Fred Miclet / Raphael Dodemont Scenography Julien Fournier + in progress Lighting design in progress Costumes in progress Coproduction in progress

The company

L’habeas corpus cie [Be]

Habeas Corpus Compagnie, created in July 2012 by Julien FOURNIER, takes its name from the English order of ‘habeas corpus’ which, in the Middle Ages, guaranteed the citizen not to be imprisoned without trial. Habeas corpus, from Latin ‘that you have body’ (in front of a judge), is nowadays the fundamental right to dispose of one’s body (meaning against any abusive arrest).

This statement is the founding act of our artistic approach and gives the body a central position as a creative vehicle of expression, a space of freedom, claim, strangeness and plasticity.

REVERSO, the company’s first show created in 2013, laid the groundwork for a circus research that questions the notion of performance and tends towards more expressiveness. The narrative was invented on the basis of physical journeys in close connection with the video, to play on duplicity, mirrors and identity.

BURNING (I did not die and yet no life remained) continues this approach and this time anchors it in the real world through a burning theme of current events. To the physical and plastic work is added a poetic and documentary dimension, in search of a circus that can be both performative (differently) and political.

Upcoming dates

4 June 2024 - 16 June 2024

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