Our services

La Chouette Diffusion is…

● Circus generally speaking, but in actual fact, it is a circus that plays with frontiers between disciplines.
● Touring: development of professional networks, organizing consistent tours, communication about the performances, administrative monitoring…
● Production: assembling dossiers, researching grants, establishing of a schedule for residences, communication and touring strategy.
● A tailored administrative support: creating Belgian structures and managing it.
● Ongoing monitoring adapted to everyone’s needs.
● Shared ressources between young companies to have a professional and serious development.
● Listening, availability, usability, in nutshell, a friendly atmosphere!
…to help companies to get off the ground.

Our services

La Chouette Diffusion accompanies young circus companies in their professionalization and activities. For this, we offer several services à la carte according to the needs and skills of the teams. By sharing the work of the 3 coordinators, young artistic teams can benefit from a global and serious service well immersed in the circus field.

The agency offers a personalized work, in order to implement coherent development strategies that allow emerging projects to be structured, to expand and to work on a national and international level, while respecting and enhancing their singularity. Our ultimate goal is to allow companies to empower and develop a medium and long term development project.


Rising partnerships and financing, budgets, pre-buyings, communication, consulting.


Prospection, sale, promotion, public relations, tour logistics.


Administrative, social, financial and accounting management, development strategy.


A program tailored to develop in autonomy.

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