Aperçus de cirque

Aperçus de cirque is an evening of 3 or 4 extracts from contemporary circus shows aimed to the general public as well as professionals.

The Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s Service of Diffusion presents the « Propulse » festival to promote the movement of artists both in Belgium and abroad. As the Circus Arts do not benefit from specialized promotions, this is an opportunity for Circus companies to show case their productions.
Circus Art is multidisciplinary and currently thriving. There is such a wealth of talent to be discovered in the French Community of Belgium that we’ve associated ourselves with other Companies to offer some « -Aperçus de Cirque- Circus Overviews » during our friendly and original evening event.
This partnership ensures that the accessibility and the development of the circus arts keep going from strength to strength.

Aperçus de cirque #4

Pour cette 4e édition des APERÇUS DE CIRQUE.  3 compagnies de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles seront accueillies au Théâtre 140 (Bruxelles) le 5 février 2014. 3 extraits de spectacle, 3 propositions circassiennes qui laisserontt libre cours à l'imagination des professionnels comme du grand public.

Une soirée découverte où rencontre et  convivialité sont les maitres mots!

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Aperçus de cirque #3

Four circus companies and a brass band. In all fifteen artists await you on the 7th and 8th of February to give you an overview of circus creation in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
Acrobatics, trapeze, slacklining, acrobatic bike,music and video shows are some of the spectacular skills on display. Each one will take you into their own universe.

For the first time, the evening will be a fest of entertainment with a series of extracts from circus performances, animated by  the Fanfare Commando Fête. Circus and music invade the big tops of the Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles for a colorful journey of discovery!

The program
Circus >> 4 excerpts of 15 minutes

LINGE SALE // Compagnie Rasoterra 
Circular acrobatics with, on or without a bicycle. It is a circle of memories that repeats indefatigably. It is an insane and sensual game, in a world about to crumble. Linge Sale opens a world of movements, both rough and naïve, where a broad pallet of emotions shows through.
STATIC // Compagnie Lorrojo 
(off)balance between circus, music and shifted humour. Static is the transitory moment of perfection that we all expect, where the public applauds, the child says “oooh!” and the artist smiles.
WASTELAND // Cirque Barbette 
White page for a lucid dream: The wasteland will be my Kingdom! Cirque Barbette continues its research around man in the city and signs here a creation on the wasteland. A  performance of slack wire supported by the air and the pleasure of playing. 
FALL // Compagnie la main à la patte 
Partner acrobatics, canned and in music. A meeting between two bodies that fit together, that can themselves, as well as unite and debate. Fall is a poetic 
fable, a jingle of gestures punctuated by a unique physical dialogue. 


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Aperçus de cirque #2

After the success of the first edition, APERÇUS DE CIRQUE is conducting in Tour and Taxis, under the circus tent of the Circus School of Brussels. From January 31st to February 2nd, four companies of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles association will showcase professional and general audience performances in which creativity and humor are synonymous with skill and acrobatics. A festive evening in a warm and friendly atmosphere!

The program

FRANZ ET ANDRE // Balkidingo Cie ( 75’)
Silent clown theater
A story of friendship and memories that bind two clowns ... mingling laughter , music and poetry in a setting where leisure-military will succeed chases, effects magicomiques, potato whimsical and mystical diary ....
PIECES DETACHEES // Gaspard Herblot – Compagnie Générale d’imaginaire (extract de 35’) ***
Slam / Human beat box / Juggling
Actor, juggler and beatboxer, Gaspard oscillates between the Hip-Hop culture and Circus Arts. Pièces Détachées is a hybrid born of the fusion of musical repertoire and cabaret.
MADAME ET SA CROUPE // Un de ces 4 Companie (extract de 25’)
Baroque musical and burlesque circus
Baroness and her little house staff invite you into their crazy world just to laugh. A musical burlesque and baroque circus awaits.
SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE // Paki Paya Companie (extract de 25’) ***
Aerial burlesque circus
A theatrical performance including breathtaking aerial acrobatics where humor and complicity were equaled only by the extravagance disco rhythms that accompanies it.

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Aperçus de Cirque #1

Afin de renforcer la visibilité du cirque contemporain de la Communauté Française de Belgique, nous nous sommes associés pour vous présenter ces « Aperçus de cirque ». De la musique aux acrobaties en passant pas un véritable travail autour du mouvement, les Compagnies Jordi L. Vidal, Gondwana et LeVentFou sauront vous emmener dans un monde nouveau où l’artiste est à la fois poète, acteur et créateur.
Venez découvrir ces 3 univers si différents, mais à la fois si complémentaires…

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